Netccentric (ASX:NCL) - Executive Chairman, Ganesh Kumar Bangah
Executive Chairman, Ganesh Kumar Bangah
Source: EY Malaysia
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  • Netccentric’s (NCL) Malaysian subsidiary, Nuffnang, has experienced encouraging quarterly growth and exciting new developments
  • The company’s revenue increased 71 per cent year-on-year, with 83 per cent of this revenue being recurring in nature
  • Netccentric has secured a partnership with Omnicom Media Group, under which Nuffnang will become its preferred Malaysian influencer marketing partner
  • In related news, development of Netccentric’s Campaign Management Platform is complete, with API integration into Facebook products expected in May 
  • Netccentric is up 3.03 per cent and trading at 17 cents per share

Netccentric’s (NCL) Malaysian subsidiary, Nuffnang, has experienced encouraging quarterly growth and exciting new developments.

During the first three months of 2021, Nuffnang delivered year-on-year revenue growth of 71 per cent. Approximately 83 per cent of this revenue is recurring in nature.

This growth was partly driven by an increase in spending from the company’s global brand anchor clients, including Procter & Gamble, Danone, KFC and Mamee. During the period, Nuffnang saw a 150 per cent year-on-year growth in the number of deals won.

Netccentric has maintained this strong start to the year by securing a partnership with leading marketing company Omnicom Media Group. Under the partnership, Omnicom has appointed Nuffnang as its preferred Malaysian influencer marketing partner.

Omnicom will outsource the influencer component of its marketing programs for select clients to Netccentric. The two parties have already begun collaborating on this, by developing and releasing Malaysia’s first influencer playbook, which will provide brand marketers will guidance on planning influencer marketing initiatives. 

The partnership between Netccentric and Omnicom will be renewable on a yearly basis, upon mutual agreement.

Netccentric’s Executive Chairman, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, commented on the subsidiary’s strong start to 2021 and the exciting opportunities going forward.

“The rapid growth in revenue and deal pipeline that we are achieving through Nuffnang indicates the strength of our diversified model and strategic initiatives,” he said.

“We look forward to working closely with our new partner Omnicom to deliver mutual benefits for clients and investors as we continue to lead the conversation on strategic influencer marketing planning in South East Asia,” he added.

In related news, Netccentric has completed the development of its proprietary campaign management platform. The company intends to complete the API integration of the platform with Facebook products like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in May of 2021.

Netccentric is up 3.03 per cent, trading at 17 cents per share at 2:57 pm AEST.

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