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  • Novita Healthcare (NHL) will be changing its name to TALi Digital effective from December 31 2019
  • The company will also change its ASX Code from NHL to TD1
  • This name change aligns with Novita’s TALi software platform that helps improve attention in early childhood
  • Resulting from this news, Novita’s share price is down 9.26 per cent with shares trading for 4.9 cents apiece

Novita Healthcare (NHL) will be changing its name to “TALi Digital Limited” effective from December 31 2019.

At the company’s 2019 annual general meeting held on November 26, shareholders formally approved the name change.

As a result of this, Novita’s ASX Code will also change from ‘NHL’ to ‘TD1’.

This name change aligns with Novita’s flagship TALi software platform and it is hoped it will strengthen the value proposition for the business and assist with the objective of delivering long term sustainable returns from the TALi platform.

Novita’s TALi platform, TALi Train is a world first software which is designed to improve attention as a cognitive skill in early childhood.

It was developed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University and can be used by educators, clinicans and parents to strengthen the core attention of children aged between three and eight.

Scientific validated clinical trials have proven that TALi Train improves attention by strengthening underlying attentioanl processes.

Improvements were retained after treatment stopped which suggets that the benefits are long term.

TALi Train works by training children’s abilities to maintain focus on a task, avoid distractions and fidgeting, improve learning at school, and prevent impulsive behaviour.

The software can be accessed via a tablet such as an iPad and doesn’t require any additional hardware or accessories.

This new name has been processed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Resulting from this news, Novita’s share price is down 9.26 per cent with shares trading for 4.9 cents apiece at 11:49 am AEDT.

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