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  • NSW authorities have revealed an additional 18 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in the state
  • Only nine of the 18 cases have been linked to the known Northern Beaches cluster, while six are linked to what’s now called the “Croyden cluster”
  • Following the surge in case numbers, the NSW Premier has announced further restrictions for New Year’s Eve
  • Anyone living in the Greater Sydney Area is being asked to stay home and limit indoor guests to a total of five people
  • Authorities have also brought in a pass system for entering the CBD, to limit the number of people gathering in Sydney for the end of year celebrations

Another 18 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in NSW, prompting authorities to bring in additional restrictions ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Among the 18 new cases are nine cases which are linked to the known Northern Beaches cluster, while six cases have been linked to a new cluster.

All six of these are extended family members who live across three households in the Sydney suburb of Croydon.

Three more cases are also under investigation, and Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she’s expecting more cases to emerge from the known clusters.

“Nine of these were in the Avalon cluster and people were already in isolation,” the Premier told reporters on Wednesday.

“Six of those related to the one case that we mentioned yesterday in the inner west. The health experts are calling it the Croydon cluster,” she added.

“All six are members of the same family, extended family group and we anticipate because of the nature of that extended family’s movements that there will be more cases from that cluster,” she concluded.

Following the surge in case numbers, the premier has announced further restrictions will be enacted ahead of New Year’s Eve on Thursday.

“All households in Greater Sydney… will now be limited to five people per household on New Year’s Eve,” Gladys Berejiklian explained.

In addition to this, residents who are meeting friends and family in outdoor settings are being asked to limit gatherings to 30 people in total.

“Our preferred advice is that people just stay home for New Year’s Eve, but if you must have people over, don’t have more than five and please make sure you have adequate social distancing, good ventilation,” the Premier stated.

A pass system has been put in place to limit the number of people entering Sydney’s CBD on New Year’s Eve to watch the iconic fireworks show.

Only those with a green pass will be allowed into the CBD and residents must apply for the permit before Thursday evening.

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