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  • NetLinkz has expanded the rollout of its Virtual Invisible Network product with Onyx Projects based in Perth
  • Essentially, the VIN product connects devices to each other without needing to pass through a centralised point
  • As Onyx has a distributed workforce across WA, a reliable and secure network is needed – that’s where NetLinkz comes in
  • Both companies are pleased to be rolling out the pilot program
  • NetLinkz’s shares are up 6.90 per cent and trading for 15.5 cents.

NetLinkz has expanded its rollout of the NetLinkz VIN product with Onyx Projects, based in Perth, Western Australia.

The Virtual Invisible Network (VIN) product is commonly used by military organisations or Fortune 500 companies to connect devices to each other without needing to pass through a centralised point.

Onyx Projects, a project manager and engineering consultant, recently completed a trial of the NetLinkz VIN product. The program aimed to provide remote access to key staff across multiple locations.

Onyx’s employees are distributed across W.A. and need ongoing, reliable access to key technical services. These services include CAD design software, simulation systems and accounting systems.

Traditional remote access solutions are often unreliable and that’s where NetLinkz’s VIN product comes in.

“Initial tests using the Netlinkz VIN technology are very promising and we hope that this pilot project will eventually provide a long-term solution to our remote access needs,” Onyx Managing Director Ian Beaumont said.

“The opportunity to work with Onyx Projects to deploy a VIN solution in a consulting project management and engineering environment is invaluable to both our companies,” NetLinkz CEO and Executive Chairman James Tsiolis said.

NetLinkz’s shares are up 6.90 per cent, and trading for 15.5 cents at market close.

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