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  • A growing trend in food services is seeing artificial intelligence integrated into the order-making process
  • Australian traded company Dragontail Systems has spent the last two weeks bringing its technology to Pizza Hut stores in the U.K.
  • The stores will now be equipped with the “Algo” software, which uses artificial intelligence to speed up orders, mitigate deliveries going out the door, and essentially command the restaurant with sensors and cameras
  • This expansion increases Dragontail’s portfolio of clients from 2191 stores in the last quarter of 2018, to 3814 stores
  • Shares in Dragontail Systems are trading higher today by 4.55 per cent at 11.5 cents apiece

Food flying out of U.K. Pizza Hut stores will now be traffic controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Over the last two weeks, Australian market listed Dragontail Systems has been implementing its software to all U.K. Pizza Hut locations.

The company’s software platform, named “Algo”, streamlines deliveries, orders and the entire restaurant management system to speed up your meal.

This expansion by the company will see Algo operating in 3814 stores in total, up from 2191 clients from the last quarter of 2018.

The U.K. deal for Dragontail is hot off the heels from expansions in Singapore, Canada, and Australia. Although today’s news is the largest European rollout for the company yet.

Even bigger food chains like McDonald’s are implementing AI into its workflow. Most recently, the golden arch food server started using in-house AI to read licence plates in drive-throughs and make recommendations to returning customers.

While some may see an ease of ordering from this, it’s understandable to make a hungry customer a little uncomfortable.

McDonald’s is also trialling its homemade AI to serve customers when making orders, rather the usual voice-in-the-box approach.

However, Dragontail claims its patented software is a first of its kind and can use its AI technology to monitor food preparation and cooking time on orders through sensors and cameras.

Shares in Dragontail Systems are trading higher today by 4.55 per cent at 11.5 cents apiece.

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