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  • Specialists in regenerative medicine Orthocell, have gifted ten patients a new dental life after a successful four-month study
  • Every patient experienced newly rejuvenated dental strength in a single stage process.
  • This normally takes up to eight-months over two procedures without the application of Orthocell’s CelGro product
  • Patients who previously suffered from bleeding gums, damaged or missing teeth, inability to chew or eat certain foods and general irritation claimed to have a positive impact on their lives after the successful study

Orthocell has enjoyed a share price boost in 10.3 per cent after announcing results from a CelGro trial.

Collagen ‘smart graft’ technology product, CelGro was trialled on ten patients to test effectiveness in treating dental rejuvenation.

The single stage study used patients that had previously suffered damaged or missing teeth, irritation in the mouth, bleeding gums and inability to chew or eat certain foods.

Post-surgery patient’s lives were described as ‘positively changed’. The trial took place over a four-month period in one procedure, which can normally take up to eight months in two procedures without the application of CelGro.

“Prior to treatment I couldn’t chew properly and was suffering from an inability to eat certain foods. I’m so glad I [participated in the study],” said trial patient Peta Nancarrow.

“I have regained the ability to chew all types of food and I am back enjoying a normal diet. I also avoided a second surgical procedure,” Peta added.

All patients of the trial underwent successful treatment.

Company Managing Director Paul Anderson says CelGro’s superior delivery of bone growth has the potential to change the industry of dental implant techniques for physicians and patients.

“The latest results provide further evidence that positions CelGro as the best in class collagen membrane,” he said.

Results from the trial show that CelGro gave patients a 26 per cent increased quality of formed bone, compared to conventional methods of regeneration.

CelGro was recently given market authorisation in Europe for dental bone and soft tissue applications. The company is currently finalising an application for the American market, to compliment operations in Australia and Europe.

Shares in OCC are trading for 48 cents today in a $66.54 million market cap.

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