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  • Parchem Construction has received the first shipment of Eden Innovations’ product EdenCrete
  • EdenCrete is a concrete mixture which aims to significantly improve the strength and corrosive resistance when applied to buildings
  • Orders are expected to increase significantly in the upcoming 6-12 months

Eden Innovations has dispatched its first orders of EdenCrete to Australian and New Zealand distributor Parchem Construction.

EdenCrete is a carbon nanotube enriched mixture for concrete which aims to significantly improve tensile and flexural strength with compromising strength, permeability and corrosion resistance.

This results in a greater bearing capacity for applications such as slabs on grade, columns, footings and improved resistance to abrasive wear.

When added to concrete mixtures the EdenCrete nanotube fill spaces at the nanoscopic level between the hydrated cement particles. When the concrete dries the nanotubes create millions of flexible and strong carbon bridges throughout the structure, instead of openings which allow the water to penetrate in and pool thus weakening the structure.

The bridges greatly improve resistance to structural failure caused by bending stresses, resulting in greater resistance to abrasive wear and cracks. While making concrete stronger it is also believed that it can also increase its life beyond current expectations.

It has undergone extensive research, development, testing procedures and field trials to make sure it meets standards.

The company that received this initial order, Parchem Construction, has been servicing the construction industry for over 50 years. It has positioned itself as an established marketer of construction products with its focus on manufacturing and distributing them.

These products are then sold to a wide variety in the concrete industry such as buildings, power, infrastructure and mining.

Consumer and laboratory trials have been taking place for the last couple of months and are continuing to achieve encouraging results with orders expected to grow in the upcoming 6-12 months.

Eden Innovations are currently up 19.1 percent with a share price of 5 cents and a market cap of $69.94 million.

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