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  • Therapeutic antibody company Patrys has been granted a European approval for its Deoxymab 3E10 technology
  • Can be used to treat a wide range of cancers and overall tumours
  • Deoxymab 3E10 has now been granted patents in Europe, USA, China and Japan

Patrys has been granted a European patent titled: ‘Cell-penetrating anti-DNA antibodies and uses thereof to inhibit DNA repair.’

This patent will cover the method of using Patrys’ Deoxymab 3E10 technology and lead applicant PAT-DX1 to treat a broad range of cancers such as breast, pancreatic, ovarian, prostate and overall tumours.

Deoxymab 3E10 is a lupus auto antibody which penetrates live cell nuclei by binding to DNA, or predecessors, outside of cells and then follows it into the cell nuclei through a nucleoside transporter.

Once it is in the nucleus, Deoxymab 3E10 will interfere with the DNA repair processes. However, the degree of obstruction caused by Deoxymab 3E10 is moderate and not enough to kill a normal cell.

Deoxymab 3E10 is well suited for use in cancer therapy because it localises the tumours but not normal tissues. As the tumours grow they are constantly releasing DNA and this results in the accumulation of a group of DNA in and around the vicinity of the tumour.

The group attracts the Deoxymab 3E10 making it easier to target the tumour bearing DNA cells.

The first patent for Deoxymab 3E10 was granted to the US in July 2017 with further ones being granted in Japan and China in July 2018.

Patrys is continuing its focus on maintaining patent protection in major authorities where future regulatory approvals and product sales are targeted. Currently more than 20 applications are pending across nine companies.

CEO and Managing Director of Patrys Dr James Campbell is pleased with the European patent.

“Europe represents an important region where a number of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with innovative oncology divisions are based,” he said.

“Having secured patent protection in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets including USA, Europe, China and Japan, Patrys is well positioned to preserve future product sales in key target markets,” he said.

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