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Pro Medicus Limited has signed the seven-year contract between subsidiary Visage Imaging and Duke Health.

The contract will see the use of Pro Medicus’ Visage 7 technology being used across Duke’s radiology departments and its electronic health record. The Visage 7 delivers a multi-display, multi-dimensional and referring physician platform to access diagnostic imaging modalities.

It allows radiologists and physicians to interpret images, CT scans, brain scans, and vessel analysis. This technology will offer a faster and more streamlined analysis for health professionals.

Pro Medicus CEO Dr. Sam Hupert believes this partnership will be beneficial to their progress.

“This partnership not only helps consolidate our strong position in this highly competitive market, but it also enables us to leverage our development and commercialisation efforts across an increasing base of academic and research orientated clients,” he said.

Visage 7 will be used across three hospitals and dozens of other locations including the Duke University Hospital.

Is planned to begin rolling out at the end of 2019 with the first sites to implement at the beginning of 2020.

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