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  • Proteomics International Laboratories has officially launched PromarkerD in Spain under a deal with Patia Europe
  • The PromarkerD test system is the first test globally that is capable of predicting the onset of diabetic kidney disease
  • A total of 3.6 million adults in Spain currently live with diabetes
  • The launch is a pivotal milestone for Proteomics International, providing a platform to broaden awareness of PromarkerD

Proteomics International Laboratories has officially launched PromarkerD in Spain.

PromarkerD is a world-leading predictive diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease.

In Spain, diabetes currently affects 10 per cent of the adult population. This translates to 3.6 million people. Across the whole European region, there are more than 58 million people living with diabetes and that figure is expected to increase to 67 million people by 2045.

On top of this, Proteomics reports one in three adults with diabetes suffers from chronic kidney disease. With early intervention, however, diabetic kidney disease can be delayed or prevented entirely.

PromarkerD is a preventative measure to intervene and stop the kidney disease from affecting more and more people.

The European launch of PromarkerD is a milestone for Proteomics as it provides the opportunity to target a critical market that could benefit from the test.

“As the first country in Europe to adopt the PromarkerD test, Spain would be at the forefront of diabetic kidney disease diagnosis and prevention,” Managing Director Dr Richard Lipscombe said.

As announced on September 12, PromarkerD is being commercialised by Patia Europe with the Laboratory Developed Test being offered through an expansion of the partnership with specialist mass spectrometry diagnostics firm Atturos, Ireland.

Patia Europe CEO Dr Laureano Simon is pleased by the commercialisation, stating it will improve the lives of people with diabetes.

“This world-first technology will allow doctors to intervene early and prescribe treatments to prevent patients from developing diabetic kidney disease. It’s a huge step towards addressing one of the most costly complications of the diabetes crisis,” Laureano said.

PromarkerD is a simple blood test that uses a unique protein “fingerprint” to provide an early detection of diabetic kidney disease.

It is the first test able to predict the onset of diabetic kidney disease, warning of a decline in kidney function up to four years in advance.

This news coincides with PromarkerD being showcased at the 55th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Barcelona from September 16-20 2019. Diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies will meet with Patia Europe and Proteomics to expand the global reach of PromarkerD.

The European, Japan, India, and U.S markets are of specific interest to the company.

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