Quantify integrates Google Assistant into smart home products
  • Quantify Technology has combined Google Assistant with its smart home products
  • This partnership means homeowners will be able to use voice control when using their Quantify devices
  • By working with Google, Quantify will be able to increase national sales and may expand overseas
  • Quantify's share price is up 12.5 per cent this morning with shares trading for 0.5 cents apiece

Quantify Technology has integrated Google Assistant into its patented smart home products.

This partnership with Google means homeowners will be able to use voice commands with Assistant-enabled devices to control their Quantify solutions.

First introduced in 2016, Google Nest is Google's Smart Speaker range which is powered by a virtual assistant - Google Assistant. This then responds to spoken requests, activates services and perform other activities.

It is compatible with over 200 smart home devices and is available on one billion devices including Android smartphones.

Google currently holds 72 per cent of the smart speaker market in Australia with Amazon second, holding 15 per cent.

This integration means Quantify's devices now almost work with 90 per cent of the rapidly growing smart speaker market in Australia.

Quantify is an Australian-based pioneer of Truly Intelligent Buildings with its products automating homes, offices and buildings.

Its products are easy to use and install that save time, energy and money for the users.

Quantify's available solutions include the qDimmer which enables lights to be dimmed, and the qPower power point which monitors energy consumption.

Its other solutions include the qMotion, qBlind, and qBridge which are not yet available to the public.

This integration with Google strongly aligns with Quantify's priorities and it will be able to utilise Google's strong platform to maximise sales nationally, secure international distribution and strengthen its platform.

"Quantify is thrilled to be able to offer voice activation to our existing and future customers through Google Assistant," Quantify CEO Brett Savill said.

"This integration will put Quantify in good stead moving forward and allow us to maximise our sales Australia-wide, while offering an excellent selling point to potential distributors overseas," he added.

Quantify's share price is up 12.5 per cent this morning with shares trading for 0.5 cents apiece at 11:39 am AEDT.


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