Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE) finds more success with RECCE 327 superbug treatment
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  • Antibiotic maker Recce Pharmaceuticals (RCE) has reported more success from its RECCE 327 drug in treating superbugs
  • The drug was tested in rats with topical wounds to treat a severe superbug known as MRSA
  • MRSA can cause skin infections, pneumonia, bone infections, and more
  • Further, the bacterium is antibiotic-resistant, meaning it can be difficult to treat
  • Recce's treatment, however, proved effective in reducing bacterial load and contracting the wounds compared to conventional treatments
  • Today's results come just three days after the same drug was proven effective against Influenza A in mice
  • Shares in Recce are trading over seven per cent higher today, currently worth 37 cents each

Synthetic antibiotic developer Recce Pharmaceuticals (RCE) has reported more success from its RECCE 327 drug candidate in treating superbugs.

This time, the company tested RECCE 327 against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in rats with topical burns.

Recce said the product met its primary endpoints which were a reduction in the bacterial load in the wound and the percentage the wound contracted in response to treatment.

Importantly, the data from today's study will be presented to an Australian teaching hospital to be considered for clinical trials.

Superbugs: not as cool as they sound

Essentially, a superbug is a type of bacteria that has evolved to become resistant to antibiotic drugs. In the case of MRSA, the bacteria can cause skin infections in mild cases but can lead to pneumonia, bone infections, and more in more serious cases.

Further, given its resistance to antibiotics, the conditions brought about by MRSA can be difficult to treat.

Earlier this week, Recce announced positive data for RECCE 327's ability to treat Influenza A in mice. The drug showed a decrease in the virus' growth rate and viral load in the lungs when compared to approved antiviral drug Ribavirin.

For today's MRSA test, Recce tested the drug against what it called the "best in class" antibiotic, Soframycin.

"RECCE 327 showed repeated efficacy at different dosing levels on topical skin conditions even at low doses," the company reported.


In the rat trials, which tested five groups of eight rats each, RECCE 327 performed better in all instances compared to rats who received no treatment and rats who received Soframycin treatment.

In both bacterial load and wound contraction, Recce's product outperformed the control drug at varying dosage levels.

Recce Non-Executive Chairman Dr John Prendergast said the results show RECCE 327 could be a potential alternative treatment for common resistant bacterial infections in humans.

"We are greatly encouraged by the data because it further reinforces RECCE® 327 is potent and keeps on working with repeated efficacy against topical pathogens and superbugs at different dosing levels,” Dr John said.

Recce shares have staged an impressive recovery since the mid-March COVID-19 mayhem that shaved billions of dollars off the share market. Since March 24, Recce shares have increased in value by 60.87 per cent.

Today, as the market nears its close, Recce shares are trading 7.25 per cent higher at 37 cents each.

RCE by the numbers
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