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  • Recce Pharmaceuticals' (RCE) R327 anti-infective drug has found success being used by a patient with a multidrug-resistant sinusitis infection
  • The man's doctor applied to use R327 via the Australian drug watchdog's Special Access Scheme-A and has since reported positive results
  • Specifically, the patient reported applying the drug improved their sinuses and testing show it removed any detectable signs of their infection
  • It's a pleasing result for the health stock, however, the company warns as only one person used the drug the results must be considered anecdotal
  • Shares in RCE have jumped up 7.14 per cent to trade at $1.05 per share

Recce Pharmaceuticals' (RCE) R327 synthetic anti-infective drug has found success being used by a patient with a multidrug-resistant sinusitis infection.

Patient use

The 59-year-old male has suffered infections throughout his adult life and currently has a multidrug-resistant Gram-negative P. aeruginosa sinusitis infection in their upper nasal eustachian tube.

His current infection has been unresponsive to previous surgeries and antibiotic
treatments, prompting the patient's doctor to apply to seek out Recce's 327 anti-infective treatment.

In order to access samples of R327, the doctor applied under the Therapeutic Goods Association's Special Access Scheme-A, in which a patient must be considered "seriously ill, where death is reasonably likely to occur within a matter of months, or from which premature death is reasonably likely to occur in the absence of early treatment."

Pleasing reaction

Once the patient was given the green light to use the drug by the TGA, he began applying 5 to 10 drops per 20 millilitres of R327 in saline solution, three times a day into his infected nasal passages.

Pleasingly, the man reported that his sinuses began to feel clearer, less inflamed
and less full of discharge within 90 minutes of application, and post-dosing blood tests have showed no detectable signs of the P. aeruginosa infection.

"We are thrilled by this positive indication for this patient with a terribly, debilitating condition that has been driven over many years by this recalcitrant pathogen," CEO James Graham said.

However, despite the encouraging success, Recce did warn that the results were considered anecdotal, as it involved only one patient.

The company also stated it is continuing to clinically trial the drug and its other anti-infectives for safety and efficacy.

Following today's positive update, shares in Recce Pharmaceuticals have jumped up 7.14 per cent to trade at $1.05 per share at 1:06pm AEST.

RCE by the numbers
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