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  • Cannabis grower RotoGro (RGI) has been granted a European patent for its cylindrical garden system
  • The company’s tech works by growing plants inside cylinders which can be stacked on top of each other
  • This makes for much more efficient storage and higher crop yield compared to convention growing methods
  • Today’s patent covers the rotating cylinder garden system in Europe, meaning RotoGro’s tech is now protecting in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.
  • RotoGro applied for today’s patent back in 2015
  • Shares in the company are trading 5.41 per cent lower today, currently worth seven cents each

Cannabis grower RotoGro (RGI) has been granted a new European patent for its cylindrical cultivation technology.

The company applied for the patent back in October 2015, along with similar patents in the U.S. and Canada. Today, the European Patent Office approved the application, meaning RotoGro has its intellectual property protected now in all three countries.

The patent is for the company’s Stackable Modular Rotatable Gardening System.

Circular growth

Essentially, RotoGro’s tech is a cylinder-shaped garden.

The cannabis plants are planted and cultivated inside the cylinder, which can be rotated. Multiple cylinders can be stacked on top of each other.

This means growing plants using RotoGro’s system results in higher crop yield and far more efficient storage of plants compared to conventional growing methods.

Today’s patent specifically covers the rotatable garden, made up of a drum and a modular mainframe. The patent also covers RotoGro’s hot air removal system and carbon dioxide delivery method — all crucial components of the Stackable Modular Rotatable Gardening System.

RotoGro CEO Adam Clode said the European patent for the tech solidifies the company’s global competitive advantage when it comes to growing hemp and cannabis.

“The addition of this European patent to our intellectual property portfolio further solidifies RotoGro’s global presence and competitive advantage,” Adam said.

Moreover, the tech gives RotoGro a foothold into the European market for what Adam calls “indoor verticle farming”.

“We will continue to pursue our strong leads in Europe for both perishable foods and lawful cannabis as we work through the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdown,” he said.

In late-March, RotoGro joined the string of companies around the globe implementing some strict cost-saving measures to outlast social distancing measures and lockdown orders.

Today, RotoGro shares are trading 5.41 per cent lower, worth seven cents each. The company has a $10.43 million market cap.

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