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  • ServTech has completed the latest rollout of its work-focused augmented and virtual reality software, “FrameS”
  • From a history of business, ServTech is providing workers at Italian company Bonatti Oil and Gas with educational training in the virtual reality world
  • Bonatti is an international contractor that operates across four continents and holds major business with clients such as Chevron, BP, and Exxon
  • Over 9000 Bonatti employees are expected to be using the FrameS training software very soon
  • Shares in ServTech however have stayed still at 1.8 cents each

ServTech has secured a major rollout as part of the latest expansion with its work-focused augmented and virtual reality software.

Named “FrameS”, the software is designated for use in the professional setting. It’s already being used to design luxury boats, Lamborghini cars, and Fendi furniture.

However, another attractive trait to the boundary-pushing software is its use for educational training. The virtual reality FrameS platform is especially useful in running scenarios with employees to prepare for cases of danger and accidents.

Today, ServTech announced it will be dishing out FrameS to potentially over 9000 employees in the oil and gas industry with Italian-based Bonatti Oil & Gas.

“Bonatti represents one of the leading general contractors in the Oil & Gas industry world-wide and has provided ServTech with extensive insight and expertise on their operations and their requirements,” ServTech Managing Director Gianmarco Biagi said

Bonatti already boasts a list of major clients worldwide, including Chevron, BP, and Exxon.

“We are now engaging for the adoption of FrameS in additional business verticals,” Gianmarco added.

Reducing injury and accidents

FrameS will be used for worksite inductions to reduce injuries in unsafe situations and improve man-to-machine interactions.

However, this isn’t the first time Bonatti will be using FrameS. Today’s rollout represents a history between the two companies.

Over 100 employees working on the “Trans Adriatic Pipeline” project underwent workplace safety training with the software. Over the duration of the 365 kilometre-long pipeline’s construction, zero injuries were recorded.

“The results have been above our expectations and [FrameS] represents a training methodology scalable to all of our company’s activities including [the] pipeline and plant [divisions],” Bonatti manager of Health, Safety, and Environment Andre Troncone said.

Scenarios used with FrameS during that period were tailored specifically for the lengthy pipeline, which connects resources between Western and South Eastern Europe.

Shares in Servtech today, however, are unchanged and continue to trade for 1.8 cents.

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