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  • ServTech’s subsidiary VR specialist Vection has announced the filing of a patent for its FrameS platform, software targeted for the workplace and creative collaboration
  • The software enables users to experience the same design processes as well as virtual environments and staff training exercises
  • The company was awarded a technical compliance certification, which reimburses product subscribers 140 per cent of fees from the Italian government as part of an incentive program

Virtual reality (VR) specialist ServTech has announced to the market the company has filed a patent application for its software platform FrameS.

The FrameS platform is designed for creative VR work for multiple users to collaborate on the same project around the world. Examples include product development, staff training, marketing communication and virtual environments.

The patent filed by the Italian based company is valid for protecting the software design, by the company’s subsidiary Vection, in 173 countries for 12 months.

This move by the company to speak to VR consumers in the workplace setting comes off the larger global wave of VR in the entertainment sector. Popular VR platforms include HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for video gaming and arts.

Vection management also revealed that the company has just received TÜV certification as part of a technical compliance inspection.

TÜV certification allows FrameS clients to receive the 140 per cent reimbursement of the subscription cost from the Italian Government as part of an incentive plan for promotion of Italian research and development software tools.

“The recognition of our IP by a globally recognised brand such as TÜV provides for further access into the complex Italian industrial fabric, which is today the 8th country worldwide for manufacturing output and represents a consequential opportunity for our suite of products targeted to the automotive, industrial, & design industries,” ServTech Chairman, Bert Mondello said.

Earlier this year, Vection landed a major deal with automobile manufacturers Volvo using augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance a 40-year celebratory marketing campaign.

The software utilised in the campaign allowed advertisement viewers to experience from home a new interactive medium, along with Volvo’s plans to use the technology in enhancing the automobile design process in the near future.

Shares in ServTech decreased 5.88 per cent today. Shares are currently trading for 1.6 cents in a $10.62 million market cap.

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