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  • Vection, a subsidiary of ServTech Global, has added approximately $180,000 in revenue to its development pipeline
  • The majority of the work relates to Vection’s In-Store 3D/AR Configurator technology
  • Its In-Store Furniture Configurator will be deployed to more than 100 potential world-wide locations
  • Its In-Store Fashion Configurator will be deployed to more than 200 luxury fashion brands

ServTech Global has announced its subsidiary, Vection, has added approximately $180,000 in revenue to its development pipeline.

The majority of this work will relate to further development of Vection’s ‘In-Store 3D/AR Configurator’ platform. This platform is already commercially available in a number of showrooms worldwide.

Vection’s configurator is a multi-product, real-time software solution that enables brands and companies to engage with their clients in a more effective way by enabling the visualisation of products in the real-world via AR.

Customers can see how a piece of furniture would look in their home without having to physically try it or how a handbag would look on their arm.

To prove the commercial viability of the product, its In-Store Furniture Configurator has been commercialised to a limited number of iconic luxury brands. So far this has generated Vection over $700,000 in revenue.

The furniture configurator is a powerful, end-to-end, virtual showroom with many uses with the most important being that it provides an ultra-realistic interactive furniture visualisation using real-time AR/3D technology.

This allows for customers to see what a piece of furniture would look like in their home without having to buy it. It also enables customers to visualise furniture items that aren’t currently in-store.

Customers can choose the colour and size of products and then place it anywhere in their room, which is actually on their phone.

The furniture configurator also collects and analyses data across its broad customer and company profiles.

During 2019, Vection collaborated with one of the highest selling luxury fashion brands and developed a luxury handbag prototyping tool.

As a result of this collaboration Vection is now discussing the deployment of an In-Store Fashion Configurator which could be deployed to more than 200 locations world-wide.

This configurator will provide an ultra-realistic interactive fashion item visualisation, similar to the furniture configurator, also using its real-time AR/3D technology.

Customers can visualise what a piece of clothing would look like on them, without having to try it on the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

“The In-Store 3D/AR Configurator software technology is a complementary product to FrameS, providing for further client exposure and market reach,” ServTech Managing Director Gianmarco Biagi commented.

“Vection has created an iconic augmented reality software utilised by luxury brands in the furniture market. We are currently negotiating agreement to deploy the solution in additional industry verticals, including the fashion industry.”

Previously, luxury fashion brands would produce multiple real-life samples of new products in order to visualise the products however this was a time consuming and cost inefficient process.

By using the Vection platform, manufacturers can visualise a new product in real-time making for a quicker and cost effective process.

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