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  • 100 per cent of all ticket sales for Indonesia’s upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifying matches to be purchased through the Kita Garuda mobile application
  • Exclusive content such as merchandise, live streams and other World Cup content is being added to the app under an expanded partnership agreement
  • A total of 535,000 tickets will be available for sale through the app
  • PSSI have commenced marketing and promotional strategies to advertise the event and drive downloads
  • SportsHero’s development team is currently finalising the merchandise store
  • The Kita Gardua app has high potential to deliver significant revenues

SportsHero and the Football Association of Indonesia’s (PSSI) Kita Garuda mobile app will have full exclusivity for Indonesia’s FIFA 2022 World Cup ticket sales, merchandise and other World Cup content.

“This is a significant milestone for SportsHero, PSSI and the Kita Garuda mobile application. In terms of the marketing strategy for the Kita Garuda app, having exclusivity over ticket sales, merchandise sales and exclusive content is the single most effective strategy for driving significant downloads in a very short time,” SportsHero CEO Tom Lapping said.

The Kita Garuda mobile application was developed by SportsHero for approximately 80 million PSSI fans to access live and recorded matches.

The companies entered a partnership agreement in March 2019 and the Kita Garuda app went live on Google Play and Apple’s App Store three months later. Earlier this month, the companies updated and expanded their partnership agreement.

According to the expanded partnership agreement, the respective mobile app will be the exclusive ticket booking platform for 21 matches, with 535,000 tickets available. Out of 535,000 tickets, 257,000 are for Indonesia’s World Cup qualifying matches. As a result, the Kita Garuda mobile app is the sole source of tickets for Indonesian World Cup qualifying matches.

PSSI has high expectations for ticket sales for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

“The FIFA 2022 World Cup qualifying match against Malaysia will be the single most important match for Indonesian football in the past decade. We expect all FIFA 2022 World Cup qualifying match tickets to be completely sold out, with significant excess demand for tickets as well as very strong demand for official merchandise,” PSSI Secretary General Marsal Masita said.

As part of promoting ticket sales, PSSI has initiated a smart marketing strategy, including large outdoor advertising, social media and digital marketing. It has committed 12 dedicated high profiled, high traffic billboards across Jakarta featuring marketing material.

The ticket booking section on PSSI’s website will redirect users to the Kita Garuda mobile app.

Part of the upcoming exclusive content is the merchandise store which will sell official FIFA 2022 Indonesian World Cup merchandise.

Both companies are confident that remaining committed to developing exclusive content for the app will drive new and ongoing downloads and continue to keep fans engaged.

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