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  • SportsHero is submitting its collaborative app with the Football Association of Indonesia to Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • The app is expected to be ready for download within seven days
  • SportsHero app has an exclusive deal to be the sole provider of the platform and digital marketing
  • The app will be looking to engage the active 80 million Indonesian football fans
  • Based on the successful partnership, SportsHero will look to do more international collaborations

The creator of one of the worlds largest sports prediction apps, SportsHero, is releasing a new app in conjunction with the Football Association of Indonesia. The app developer expects the collaborative project could appeal to all 80 million engaged Indonesian football fans, turning them into to digital consumers through the app.

Currently, the app is being submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Following submission it is expected the app will be ready for user download on both platforms within seven days.

The Indonesian Football Association contains four leagues and 128 teams, which the association said encompasses at least 80 million engaged fans. SportsHero reported that Indonesia has the largest digitally connected population in South East Asia, including social media and mobile phone users.

The Indonesian Government fully owns the nations football association, and SportsHero has gained an exclusive deal with the association to be the sole provider for its first offical platform. This includes, social media, merchandise, e-commerce, game highlights and player access.

On the new app, SportsHero plans to build the user base over the first fortnight from launch. Following this, paid advertisements will present on the app which is part of the monetisation plan.

The Chief Executive Officer of SportsHero, Tom Lapping, said, the partnership with the Football Association of Indonesia “is a huge opportunity to monetise users through digital marketing.”

“But importantly, it demonstrates the flexibility of the SportsHero platform in its ability to be applied to customised solution,” Tom added.

Based on the successful partnership with Indonesia, the company will look for more international collaborations with sports leagues globally.

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