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  • Starpharma’s latest mouse study has given strong results for its pancreatic cancer treatment drug
  • The drug showed a stronger reduction in tumour growth compared to the current standard pancreatic cancer treatment
  • The drug was studied by implanting human cancer cells into mice and treating the tumours
  • Human trials are yet to be conducted
  • Starpharma’s share price is down 1.72 per cent today, with shares worth $1.14 each

Starpharma’s latest testing shows strong results for its pancreatic cancer treatment drug.

The product, known as DEP gemcitabine, builds on Starpharma’s DEP drug delivery technology, which is designed to improve the efficacy of other cancer treatment medicines.

This latest study proved DEP gemcitabine to be more effective than the current standard pancreatic cancer therapy, which is a drug called Gemzar used either alone or in combination with Abraxane and developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co.

Lilly’s Gemzar had peak sales of US$1.7 billion, and the company’s market cap is valued at US$108 billion.

According to Starpharma, DEP gemcitabine showed “significantly enhanced anti-tumour activity” when compared to Gemzar — both by itself and in combination with Abraxane.

Starpharma CEO Dr Jackie Fairley said: “We are delighted to be progressing yet another internal candidate through the development and to have achieved such impressive results in this important cancer type with otherwise limited options for patients.”

DEP gemcitabine is one of several DEP potential products in preclinical development by Starpharma.

The DEP gemcitabine study was performed by implanting human pancreatic cancer cells in a mouse and assessing the efficacy of Starpharma’s products on these self-grown tumours.

In these studies, DEP gemcitabine by itself saw increased anti-tumour activity compared to Gemzar, and tumour growth flatlined by the 30th day when used in combination with Abraxane.

Human trials, however, are yet to be conducted.

In light of these results, Starpharma has filed for a patent for DEP gemcitabine to protect it through to 2040.

Starpharma’s share price is down 1.72 per cent today, with shares worth $1.14 each at 2:21 pm AEDT. Starpharma’s market cap is valued at $427.79 million.

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