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  • Suda Pharmaceuticals says to throw out your sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet – its ‘ZolpiMist’ mouth spray is said to put you to sleep quicker than Ambien can
  • Today, the company announced the conclusion of a clinical trial using ZolpiMist which outperformed traditional sleeping pills across the board in 43 adults
  • In some cases of the trial, ZolpiMist outperformed sleeping pills by eight minutes – putting patients to bed quicker than the control group
  • As well, the results from the drug trial are to be published in a Pharmacy and Pharmacology journal

ASX-listed Suda Pharmaceuticals is touting a mouthspray that can cure insomnia faster and stronger than commonly used Ambien pills.

The company claims its ‘ZolpiMist’ spray product is quicker at putting you to bed on a sleepless night than the pills in your medicine cabinet are.

Announced in a media release this morning to shareholders, the company revealed ZolpiMist demonstrated success in clinical studies over a control group using the traditional pill forms.

Additionally, American ZolpiMist marketers, Aytu BioScience, broke news of publishing the clinical trials results in a Pharmacy and Pharmacology journal.

In a Phase 3 study on 43 adults, two groups of patients were administered either five milligrams or 10 milligrams of the ZolpiMist spray.

On average, the product achieved the threshold treatment for cases of insomnia faster than standard used pill Ambien.

For 10 milligrams, the spray outperformed the pill by eight minutes and the five milligram spray outperformed the pill by six minutes.

“We are pleased with the reported results of this new analysis that demonstrate a more rapid onset of sleep and increased bioavailability of ZolpiMist when compared to zolpidem tablets,” Aytu BioScience CEO Josh Disbrow said.

“The novel oral spray form embodied in ZolpiMist may present patients with a more convenient form and a simple way to achieve rapid sleep onset.”

Measuring the sedative strength of the spray was displayed through a simple number-substitution test for patients – measuring attention, memory, motor and visual scanning skills.

Suda Pharmaceuticals concluded from the results that patients taking the spray, instead of the tablet, dropped in motor and measuring skills faster than their counterparts.

This data, combined with the administered speed of chemicals in the spray, showed Suda Pharmaceuticals the product outperformed pill-form Ambien across the board.

“For the first time this study has established the clinical proof demonstrating fast sleep onset and the distinct pharmacokinetics of ZolpiMist that support its use in the short-term treatment of insomnia,” Josh added.

Today, Suda Pharmaceuticals are completely focused on developing drugs administered through mouth sprays.

The company claims mouth-sprayed medication to be more effective and efficient than traditional pills.

Although Suda Pharmaceuticals is trading in a small market cap of $14.22 million, the company’s shares have seen a 12.5 per cent uptake today.

After opening at 0.4 cents a piece, they have increased marginally to 0.5 cents each.

SUD by the numbers
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