Sydney Church of England Grammar School, Sydney
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With the aim to become the best comprehensive school in Australia, this college takes students from all academic abilities and gives them the platform they need to excel. And with the launch of its new state-of-the-art physical education centre this year, the Sydney Church of England Grammar School is set to be a leader in the excellence of education of young boys in Australia.

Sydney Church of England Grammar School or more commonly known as ‘Shore,’ is a northern beaches Christian school that has been a pivotal place for many of the alumni and their families in Sydney since 1889.

Established as a leading comprehensive school based upon Christian practices and principles their Graythwaite campus offers a superior education for boys.

Photo: Sydney Church of England Grammar School Grounds

Whilst their Northbridge campus incorporates a co-educational system for their early learning centre, kindergarten and primary school. These duel campuses cater for approximately 1,600 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, including 200 boarders from Year 6-12.

As part of its diverse curriculum, Shore has an expansive performing arts program including music ensembles and drama productions. Its inspirational academic staff combined with a remarkable performing arts centre sees a range of students graduate not only with well-rounded academic knowledge, but also with a cultivated passion and skill for the fine arts.

Photo: Sydney Church of England Grammar School Gymnasium Facilities

As a part of the school’s ethos sport and fitness has been identified as a critical element of their student’s syllabus. For physical health & wellness, strength & conditioning, but also to build strong relationships with each other, working as a team toward a common goal.

A large part of the school’s tradition has been founded on the authentic and transformational Christian faith, and through sport it is thought that valuable life skills are better understood such as humility, perseverance, courage and love for others.

Photo: Sydney Church of England Grammar School Swimming Facilities

It is from these fundamental values that Shore have chosen to invest in a new state of the art physical education centre. Set to officially open later this year, the facilities will offer an exceptional gymnasium studio, multi-purpose sports complex, aquatic centre complete with 50-meter pool and new flexible working classrooms.

This school fosters a learning community committed to facilitating character formation, challenging their students to be responsible citizens in the eyes of God. It is a school that has celebrated the successes of their students for well over a century and will likely continue to motivate the youth of today and those well into the future as well.

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