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  • Talga has teamed up with Switzerland company, Leclanché, to trial Swedish lithium-ion battery anodes
  • Leclanché will evaluate Talga’s range of Swedish anode products in its batteries, with the intention to develop commercial products for the lithium-ion battery industry
  • Talga has gained 10.20 per cent and is selling shares for 54¢ apiece

Talga has signed a deal with Swiss-based company Leclanché, to trial Swedish lithium-ion battery anodes.

Under the MoU, Leclanché will evaluate Talga’s range of Swedish anode products, Talnode, in its batteries with the intention to develop commercial products for the lithium-ion battery industry.

The lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. It is commonly used for portable electronics, electric vehicles and is becoming more popular for military and aerospace applications.

Leclanché is a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions designed to progress towards a clean energy future. It has over 100 years of battery and energy experience. It is powered by German engineering and Swiss precision and quality.

Talga is building a European source of advanced battery anode materials and graphene additives, to offer graphitic products critical to its customers change and shift towards a more sustainable world.

The company’s main focus is enabling stronger, lighter and more functional graphene and graphite enhanced products for the global coatings, battery, construction and polymer composites markets.

Talga owns several high-grade Swedish graphite projects, it also provides security of supply and creates long-lasting value for stakeholders.

The trials are expected to run over two-six months. The MoU includes indicative pricing for various volumes of Talnode supply, both during the trials and over a three year period.

“Talga notes that the price of larger volumes of Talnode is at levels within 10 per cent of that used in the company’s pre-feasibility study,” the company said.

“However, the supply will be subject to the prior execution of definitive commercial agreements which will also provide the final agreed pricing,” the company added.

The anode (or negative electrode) in Lithium-ion battery is typically made up of Graphite, coated on Copper Foil.

Graphite is a shiny grey mineral that naturally occurs when carbon in rocks becomes crystalline. A single sheet of graphite is called graphene and there are approximately three million layers of graphene in one millimetre of graphite.

The mineral is a good conductor of electricity, making it have many electrical uses.

Talga is looking forward to serving Leclanché’s energy mobility solutions in a collaboration reflecting the growing shift to a more sustainable and localised battery supply chain in Europe.

Talga has gained 10.20 per cent on market close and is selling shares for 54¢ apiece.

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