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  • TALi Digital (TD1) has successfully achieved Google For Education Partner Status on a global basis
  • This means TALi’s products of TALi Train and TALi Detect will be able to be accessed via Google products
  • The TALi software helps improve attention skills in early childhood
  • TALi is up 7.84 per cent with shares trading for 5.5 cents apiece

TALi Digital (TD1) has successfully achieved Google For Education Partner status on a global basis.

This means that TALi’s products, TALi Detect and TALi Train, will be able to be accessed via Google products including G Suite for Education and Google Chromebooks.

These products dominate the U.S. education system with over 55 per cent of all U.S. school children using a Google product every day to facilitate their learning experience.

Google For Education Partner status also enables TALi to access technical support from Google developers as the company meet the requirements to be a priority for new Google features.

Combined with marketing support, this will ensure TALi’s position as a first to market leader in the attention assessment and training segment.

Partnership status with Google is reserved for companies which are selected after a structured assessment and verification process.

Google will assign a dedicated partner manager to facilitate and guide TALi on partner initiatives.

“Receiving this status significantly increases the potential availability for TALi solutions product suite and is a significant step forward in our expansion into the U.S. market where the Google For Education platform is widely used,” Managing Director Glenn Smith commented.

“These integrations help streamline the user experience by allowing the input of teacher, class and student data directly into our platform, making the onboarding process as seamless as possible,” he added.

The TALi Train platform is a world first software which is designed to improve attention as a cognitive skill in early childhood.

It was developed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University in Victoria and can be used by parents, clinicians, and educators to strengthen the core attention of children aged between three and eight.

Scientifically validated clinical trials have proven TALi Train improves attention by strengthening underlying attentional processes.

Once treatment stopped, improvements were retained — suggesting that the benefits are long term.

TALi Train works by training children’s abilities to maintain focus on a task, improve learning at school, prevent impulsive behaviour, and avoid distractions and fidgeting.

Each exercise of TALi Train consists of hundreds of levels with each one automatically adapting to developing the skill level of the child.

This ensures that children are working at the right level that challenges them without extending beyond their abilities.

The software can be accessed via a tablet and it doesn’t require any additional hardware or accessories.

TALi’s other product that achieved Google For Education Partner status, TALi Detect, consists of seven tests to profile cognitive attention capabilities of a child.

TALi is up 7.84 per cent with shares trading for 5.5 cents apiece at 3:18 pm AEDT.

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