TALi Digital (ASX:TD1) - Managing Director, Glenn Smith
Managing Director, Glenn Smith
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  • Early childhood technology company TALi Digital (TD1) has been awarded a trademark in China for its learning devices
  • The company’s two products, TALi Train and TALi Detect, help children with focus difficulties by giving them personalised ‘games’ to help improve cognitive skill and function
  • It is believed that approximately 2.5 million school-aged children in China will benefit from TALi’s technology
  • TALi shares have jumped 45 per cent today and shares are trading for 2.9 cents each

Early childhood technology company TALi Digital (TD1) has been awarded a trademark in China for its learning devices.

TALi has been awarded two Chinese trademarks to covers its TALi Train and TALi Detect products and has been classified under two acceptance classes.

Trademark acceptance classes are a group of 45 classes — 34 for goods and 11 for services — that provide a guideline for registering trademarks.

TALi’s products have been grouped into Class 41, under services for education, tutoring, training and entertainment, and Class 44, under medical analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of persons.

The TALi Train platform

TALi’s products help children with focus difficulties by giving them personalised ‘games’ to help improve cognitive skill and function.

The TALi Train platform was developed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University in Victoria, and can be used by clinicians, parents and educators to strengthen the attention of children aged between three and eight.

It works by training children to maintain focus, prevent impulsive behaviour, avoid distractions and fidgeting, and improve learning at school.

Each TALi Train exercise is made up of hundreds of levels and each one adapts automatically to the skill level of the child.

This ensures that children are working at the right level that challenges them enough with pushing them too far.

Scientifically validated clinical trials have proven that TALi Train improves attention by strengthening underlying attentional processes and once treatment stopped improvements were retained, suggesting that the benefits are long-term.

The platform can be accessed via a tablet and it doesn’t require any additional hardware or accessories.

TALi Detect

The company’s other platform, TALi Detect, is a child-attention assessment that is made up of seven game-based exercises that give a detailed attention profile of the child.

Once completed, the child will receive a five-week personalised training program to strengthen their attention span and improve weak areas.

According to BioMed Central, approximately one per cent, one in 100, of school-aged children in China are on the autism spectrum disorder.

At this given moment, there are approximately 249 million children in China aged between zero and 14, which equals approximately 2.5 million children with autism who could benefit from TALi’s technology.

“This is a major milestone in our ability to enter markets which present significant opportunities for our business,” TALi Digital Manager Glenn Smith commented.

“Receiving a trademark in a high-value jurisdiction such as China not only helps to protect our IP (intellectual property) but allows for increased partner discussions with reputable institutions and organisations in the country,” he added.

TALi has jumped 45 per cent in mid-morning trade and shares are trading for 2.9 cents each at 11:33 am AEDT.

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