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  • Total Brain is up as high as 62 per cent after announcing it has partnered with IBM to offer a mental health and fitness platform
  • The platform, GRIT, is a digital solution for veterans to help them understand and strengthen their mental fitness
  • Following field tests IBM will develop a comprehensive plan for the full launch of GRIT

Neuroscience company Total Brain is up as high as 62 per cent this morning, after it announced it has partnered with IBM to offer a mental health and fitness platform.

This partnership will utilise Total Brain’s technology and IBM’s THRIVE360° Mental Fitness platform.

The platform GRIT (Get Results in Transition), is a digital solution for veterans, active-duty service members and reservists. It provides a mobile experience which helps them in understanding and strengthening their mental fitness, social connections and overall well-being.

“This is a historic public-private partnership with the VA – one that helps veterans bridge the gap when they are transitioning out of service and at their most vulnerable,” IBM’s Kathleen Urbine said.

Developed by IBM iX in a partnership with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and utilising Total Brain’s technology, GRIT is the first branded digital solution dedicated to helping populations who live under considerable stress.

It also helps those going through significant life transitions such as leaving the military to re-enter civilian life.

The platform offers a 20 minute, confidential and clinically validated assessment that measures each of the brain’s 12 capacities and screens for the risk of common mental health conditions.

These results can then be compared to other people’s results who are the same age and gender.

Based on the results it will then offer personalised brain and mind training to work on strengths and weaknesses. If the results determine you are at risk of a mental condition it will provide a confidential, in-app referral to a health professional.

“We are thrilled to partner with IBM to address the health and well-being of the VA community with easy-to-use, ubiquitous [ever present] and adaptive technology that recognises the importance of both individual and social determinants,” Total Brain CEO Louis Gagnon said.

GRIT is the first model of the bigger THRIVE360° of Mental Fitness which IBM intends to deploy with other communities who are in transition, or under stress.

IBM will work with Total Brain to monitor mental health and build mental fitness.

“Our partnership with IBM has the capacity to revolutionise mental health and fitness management across large populations that are exposed to significant stress or material change and uncertainties,” Louis commented.

As part of the VA contract, IBM will be facilitating a field test to engage veterans, active-duty service members and reservists to use the GRIT digital solution in a real-life setting.

This will evaluate user experience and usefulness of the solution, and provide feedback for improvements.

Following the conclusion of the tests, estimated for November 2019, IBM will develop a comprehensive plan for the full launch of GRIT.

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