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  • TV2U International Limited has announced the Phase one of its commercial launch of Persis TV was successfully deployed last week.
  • This will feature the local Persian television shows and movies for a monthly subscription fee
  • Phase one to release 4,000 hours of content with phase 2 to release an additional 10,000

TV2U International Limited has announced the Phase one of its commercial launch of Persis TV was successfully deployed last week.

Labelled as ‘The gateway to Persian culture’ Persis TV is a new global direct-to-customer streaming service which is being delivered with the JEE Group.

Persis TV features local Persian language movies and TV shows which are primarily targeted at the five million Iranian nationals who currently live overseas. It will also target the estimated 12 million Farsi speaking people located all over the world.

JEE Group will use TV2U’s data analytics and targeted advertising capabilities, as well as TVOD, AVOD and SVOD, to monetise Persis TV.

SVOD refers to subscription on demand which allows users to consume as much content as they want, for a single flat rate payable per month. TVOD is transactional video on demand which gives consumers to purchase content on a pay per view basis.

AVOD refers to advertising video on demand and is free to consumers. However, like traditional television viewers will have to sit through advertising. The revenue from advertising is used for hosting and production costs.

Phase one was launched with more than 4,000 hours of Persian video on demand content which is now available globally. Customers will pay a monthly subscription fee to access all content via multiple platforms.

Phase two will produce a further 10,000 hours of content and will coincide with the introduction of multiple subscription packages.

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