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  • Brisbane-born tutorial video website received major backing today by combining its platform with another Aussie company — LiveTiles
  • LiveTiles was started in 1994 and today rakes in tens of millions of dollars in funding. The company powers Microsoft applications such as Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint
  • LiveTiles will now power GO1’s system, allowing for profiling of users to recommend better content and encourage a more active community, stemming from LiveTiles’ powerful cloud based artificial intelligence
  • GO1 claims to be the world’s leading skill-teaching video website, with 1.5 million viewers watching videos like “how to perform CPR” or how to “offer better customer service”

We’ve all used Youtube before to watch a tutorial video, like fixing something around the house or helping with a pesky PC problem.

But if you wanted to learn first aid skills or sharpen your customer service skills, might be your solution.

The Brisbane company first started getting serious in 2015 after receiving significant funding from a startup accelerator program.

The website works a lot like Youtube, but you won’t be finding any vlogs or gaming replays here. The site is fully focused on using video tutorials to teach skills like management in the workplace, Microsoft Excel, and customer service excellence.

Today the company received a big stripe on its blazer, landing backing with one of Australia’s top software development companies — LiveTiles.

LiveTiles was founded down under in 1994, and is today headquartered in New York City.

The cloud based workplace platform system raised over $50 million last year and has worked with Microsoft to power Office 365, Azure and SharePoint among more.

LiveTiles will now be combining its intelligent workplace software to upgrade GO1 in a big way. The newly powered site will be able to target user’s profiles, use artificial intelligence to refine search results, and even recommend better videos.

“We’re really excited to partner with LiveTiles to create a truly innovative way in which training and professional development can be transformed in the Enterprise,” GO1 CEO Andrew Barnes said.

Companies using GO1 will also now be able to craft their own courses for users to watch and learn from. This joins an already existing catalogue of over 500,000 courses and videos from international experts.

“The LiveTiles platform will create new channels to market for us and positions firmly in the centre of creating organisations with the best people, the best culture enjoying the best employee experiences available,” Andrew added.

According to GO1, it is the world’s largest online learning and skills development marketplace already, specialising in corporate training. The website’s user base currently holds over 1.5 million viewers from more than 1000 organisations.

“This is yet another partnership which further enhances our intelligent workplace offering by providing an intelligent employee learning and development solution for enterprises,” LiveTiles CEO Karl Redenbach chimed in.

Today’s update is another feather in LiveTiles’ cap, landing a $3.8 million research and development tax refund a week ago.

“We expect the integration of GO1’s leading online learning offering, combined with its strong global customer base will drive new commercial opportunities for LiveTiles in support of our accelerated growth plans,” he concluded.

Shareholders on the ASX might be a little slow to react this morning, however, as shares in LiveTiles are only marginally up by 1.09 per cent – trading for 46.5 cents apiece.

LiveTiles’ market cap is currently valued at $303.9 million.

LVT by the numbers
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