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  • Vection Technologies (VR1) teaming up with the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna in Italy
  • The university will work to integrate the FrameS virtual reality tech into its engineering curriculum
  • FrameS is Vection’s virtual design tool
  • It can cut design and prototyping costs for the design of luxury vehicles
  • The university represents top-tier designers like Lamborghini, Ducatti, and Maserati
  • Shares in Vection re down 11.5 per cent and market close today, last trading for 2.3 cents each

Vection Technologies (VR1) has written a Christmas card for the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna (MUNER) in the form of a collaboration deal.

Vection, formerly called ServTech, is teaming up with the education facility to add its FrameS virtual reality (VR) design software into the MUNER curriculum.

FrameS works by placing a designer in a hyper-realistic virtual world in which they can create and change products in real-time. The software dramatically cuts design costs and even minimises the need for physical prototypes — all modelling can be done through FrameS.

MUNER’s engineering department is working with Vection to integrate FrameS and its use for design into engineering courses.

This is no small feat for Vection and its tech: MUNER represents big players in the luxury car game like Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, and Maserati.

Applying for education with MUNER gives potential students the chance to study in four of Italy’s top engineering schools. The students at these education facilities train with engineers from the renowned Motor Valley.

This means the potential integration of FrameS into the curriculum is a vote of confidence for what these designers think of Vection’s software.

Professor Francesco Leali from MUNER said augmented and virtual reality is the next step for the future of engineering and design.

“The students that have to learn about new technologies are the same people who will go into companies and drive them into the future,” Francesco said.

“MUNER is establishing strategic partnerships with those who have the vision to plan and attract talent,” he said.

Despite the vote of confidence from MUNER, however, Vection’s shares hit a slump today.

Shares in the company are down 11.5 per cent and market close, last trading for 2.3 cents each. However, Vection’s MUNER announcement only dropped in late afternoon trade, with shares inclining slightly thereafter.

So punters might have to wait until the start of next week’s trading sessions to see the effect today’s news has on Vection’s share price.

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