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  • Vection Technologies (VR1) is planning to build an augmented reality “smart factory” for GD SpA
  • The company was asked to build a proof-of-concept for GD to showcase the factory’s abilities
  • The idea behind the factory is to overlay digital models onto the real world for easier training and improved efficiency
  • GD creates high-tech machinery for making and packing tobacco products
  • Vection’s shares are riding the grey line today, continuing to trade for 2.5 cents each

Vection Technologies (VR1) is bringing sci-fi to reality with an augmented reality (AR) “smart factory” for Italy-based GD SpA.

GD has approached Vection to create a proof of concept for the idea of the smart factory and will pay up $50,000 to see it done.

Essentially, the concept behind the AR platform is to overlay digital models with real-time animations onto machinery and factory equipment.

This will guide factory workers step-by-step through the manufacturing process, allowing them to build a quick proficiency in critical tasks and subsequently improving factory productivity and efficiency.

GD makes high-tech machinery used to make and pack cigarettes and other tobacco-based products. The company is part of the Coesia Group, which brought in €1.8 billion (≈$2.9 billion) in revenue in 2018 through its industrial and packaging solutions.

Vection Managing Director Gianmarco Biagi said its AR and VR (virtual reality) software is helping bridge the gap between the digital world and the real world for efficient design and manufacturing.

“Vection’s Smart Factory Platform is a strategic tool that we are developing to fill the digital-reality gap for companies looking to adapt to the fourth industrial revolution,” Gianmarco said.

“GD unlocks invaluable knowledge and insights on best practice work-flows to create a first-class solution, with scalable potential,” he said.

Today’s news comes just days after Vection and the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna (MUNER) signed a collaboration deal for the FrameS technology. The deal will see Vection’s VR software integrated into the university’s engineering curriculum.

Both last week’s MUNER deal and today’s GD deal spawned from the media event in Italy’s Motor Valley on December 12.

Vection’s shares are riding the grey line today, continuing to trade for 2.5 cents each in a market cap worth $16.42 million market cap.

VR1 by the numbers
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