WA company adopting cleaner agriculture launches sales
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  • WA-based Wide Open Agriculture has commenced sales of its beef and lamb through a 'regenerative agriculture' business model
  • Regenerative agriculture is a farming system that emphasises the minimised impact of soil disturbance and reduction of carbon emissions along with the human footprint
  • Across 20 clients over the last month, Wide Open has grossed $40,000 from its meaty cuts, delivered to established Perth restaurants and suppliers
  • The direct distribution platform will aso be joined by a planned online sales channel this coming August

Could the answer to reducing our environmental footprint lie in the way we produce beef?

Australian company Wide Open Agriculture has commenced the sales of beef and lamb through using its 'regenerative agriculture' system.

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to cultivating meat and farm produce that focuses on preserving the environment and reducing the human footprint on nature.

WOA recently established its direct sales channel, and announced today that domestic WA sales have begun. Servicing suppliers and restaurants in Perth, the company has amassed $40,000 in gross sales from 20 clients over a month.

Progressive environmentalists have spoken positively of the regenerative business model, claiming its a start for reducing impact on deforestation and carbon emissions.

The practice of regenerative agriculture, with emphasis on minimal soil disturbance and composting, has its roots in practices dating back to the mid 1900s.

WOA, based in WA's Wheatbelt region, uses a 'four returns' business framework that aims to boost natural, social, economic and inspiration returns.

Distribution from WOA began in May. The company has provided beef and lamb cuts to WA restaurants such as The Reveley, Cook and Mason, Bread in Common and Short Order Burger Company.

"What sets this product apart is not just the amazing taste and consistent quality, but the provenance. It’s food that tells an important story," said Three Pounds Executive Chef Bean Keal.

WOA Managing Director Dr Ben Cole says the highlight of the holistic agriculture practice is the visibility to customers and clients.

"WOA’s direct distribution platform offers customers a direct line of sight to regenerative farming practices that strive to reverse climate change by rebuilding soil," said Dr Ben.

WOA is also planning an online sales platform for commencement this coming August. Company management is also planning to diversify its customer base and grow further revenue.

Share prices in WOA are up 4.17 per cent this morning. Shares are priced at 12.5 cents in a $8.469 million market cap.


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