Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) - CEO, Coby Hanoch
CEO, Coby Hanoch
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  • Weebit Nano (WBT) and its development partner CEA-Leti, demonstrate production level parameters for its ReRam technology at 28 nanometre
  • This is a key step in developing its technology for the embedded memory market
  • ReRam can support smaller geometrics used in AI, autonomous driving, 5G and advanced IoT
  • Weebit’s ReRAM is well-positioned to be a key memory technology for embedded non-volatile memory where flash memory is no longer practicable
  • Weebit is up 7.84 per cent and is trading at $2.75 per share at 11:56 am AEST

Weebit Nano (WBT) has successfully scaled its resistive random-access memory (ReRam) technology to 28 nanometre.

The next generation memory tech company and its development partner, CEA-Leti, have demonstrated production-level parameters of Weebit’s ReRam.

ReRam is a memory solutions technology for a range of new electronic products such as internet of things (IoT) devices, smartphones, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 5G communications and artificial intelligence.

Weebit says its ReRam is significantly faster, less expensive, more reliable and more energy efficient than those using exisiting Flash memory solutions.

Demonstrating ReRam’s technology at 28 nanometre is a key step towards development of embedded non-volatile memory for applications such as AI, autonomous driving, 5G, and advanced IoT processors.

CEA-Leti is a French research institute and is recognised as a global leader in the field of microelectronics.

Weebit and CEA-Leti jointly tested, characterised and measured the function of one megabit ReRam arrays on 300 millimetre wafers, the largest diameter used in mass production and standard in advanced nodes.

Commenting on this key development milestone is Weebit’s CEO Coby Hanoch.

“Weebit, through its close partnership with CEA-Leti, has already demonstrated the significant advantages of its ReRAM technology at larger geometries, and we have now shown that we can successfully scale this technology down to 28nm,” he said.

“Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC, the world’s largest fab, recently called 28nm ‘the sweet spot for our embedded memory applications’ since the 28nm geometry is widely deployed in a range of applications and is considered the gateway to the most advanced process nodes.”

Head of Silicon Component Division at CEA-Leti Olivier Faynot said the semiconductor industry was constantly moving to smaller geometrics for advanced processes.

“Since embedded flash faces scalability challenges below 40nm, companies today use complex and inefficient solutions when embedding it into their chips,” he said.

“The industry has been crying out for a new technology to succeed flash
memory in advanced geometries, and these results show Weebit has a viable solution.”

Weebit was up 7.84 per cent and is trading at $2.75 per share at 11:56 am AEST.

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