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  • Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) has successfully launched its Dirty Clean Food brand
  • The company’s products are being stocked on the shelves of 10 grocers around Perth
  • Dirty Clean Food focusses on 100 per cent grass-fed meat products farmed through ‘regenerative agriculture’
  • The company expects a fast expansion from here on out
  • Shares in Wide Open Agriculture are up 20 per cent today, trading for 15 cents each

Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) has hit double figures in the early retail launch of its Dirty Clean Food range.

The brand’s products, which are primarily touted as 100 per cent grass-fed meats farmed through a process known as ‘regenerative agriculture’, are officially stocked in 10 locations in Western Australia.

The grocers stocking the products include some impressive names like IGA, Farmer Jacks, and Fresh Provisions. The company says it expects some quick expansion from here on out.

WOA Managing Director Dr Ben Cole said its goal is to connect consumers with farmers that are making important strides in the regenerative farming process.

“Dirty Clean Food allows shoppers to walk alongside farmers on a regenerative journey committed to building healthy soil, sequestering carbon and expanding biodiversity,” Dr Ben said.

Regenerative farming is marketed as a method of farming that is supposed to mimic natural ecosystem cycles and herd migrations. The process is carefully managed to allow the soil to regenerate and remain healthy after grazing.

On top of this, a key part of the process is the long-term removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by capturing it in the soil. Apparently, this process — known as carbon sequestration — is supposed to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

While the supposed benefits of regenerative agriculture are gaining tracking around the world, the specifics behind the process remain vague.

Still, the market seems to be backing WOA with its wallet.

Shares in the clean agriculture company are up 20 per cent today, trading at 15 cents apiece in a $10.59 million market cap.

WOA by the numbers
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