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  • YPB, a product authenticity and consumer engagement provider, has announced the Esquel Group will include YPB’s trace technology in its clothing labels for two of its major brand clients.

Esquel Group is a textile manufacturing company founded in 1978. It’s one of the world’s largest manufacturer of woven garments, producing 100 million per year.

Esquel has facilities in China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam and over 57,000 staff members worldwide. Esquel manufactures for huge brand names such as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Nike and more.

Esquel has previously trialled YPB’s anti-counterfeit fibres in the clothing labels and yielded successful results. Esquel has, therefore, decided to use YPB’s technology after demand from some of its clients.

Esquel sees this technology as an important investment to protect fast counterfeiting. The gross revenue from its first order is A$21,000 with YPB expecting future orders from other brand clients.

YPB’s China team believes the YPB is the only real competitor for providing anti-counterfeit fibres. YPB enables brands to use its scanner to detect if anti-counterfeit fibres are present in each shirt label. The brand can then understand how to identify counterfeit products and confirm authenticity.

“Cotton shirts are among the world’s most counterfeited items. Brands spend millions of dollars building a market profile of quality and trust with their consumers that is undermined by counterfeit products along with the opportunity cost of sales revenue that goes to the counterfeiters,” YPB Group Limited CEO, John Houston said.

YPB’s solutions and invisible tracer technology will hopefully see an increasingly growing demand following the deal with Esquel.

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