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  • 75 million ProtectCodes have been issued to customers and brands
  • Customers scan the QR codes to identify the authenticity of products
  • The Connect platform provides brands with informations and reports of consumer behaviours

YPB Group has provided updates on the rising adoption of its QR codes known as ‘ProtectCodes’ and the accompanying subscriptions to its ‘Connect’ platform in Asia and Australia.

YPB was founded by serial entrepreneur John Houston after he envisioned that brands need protection against counterfeits and could be used as a unique way to connect to customers.

In 2015 YPB lanced ‘Connect,’ a platform for brands to engage with customers after it was predicted it would become vital in a world where e-commerce and border trade is rapidly growing.

The Connect platform is sold on a monthly subscription basis with the codes being sold on a per unit basis. With more brands using the software the usage of the platform is also growing.

YPB has expanded into multiple markets such as Cannabis Confirmed which provides authentication and customer engagement on the rapidly growing vape market and Impact International which applies YPB’s tracer to Australian export products heading to China.

Cellmid Limited has adopted YPB’s technology to protect its rapidly growing hair treatment and growth product range and PT Combiphar who is the largest user of YPB’s Connect platform.

Its ProtectCode is a tracer-embedded QR code with a unique serial number. Customers scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product and scanning it also triggers an opportunity for the brand and clothing to interact directly with its Connect platform.

The data obtained provides the brands with detailed information such as location, timing and price of the items.

Adoption of ProtectCodes has significantly impacted consumer and brand behaviour with YPB announcing it has issued more than 75 million codes.

YPB CEO John Huston is pleased with the increase in issued codes.

“The growing adoption of ProtectCodes and the Connect platform is highly significant for us as it confirms the viability of YPB’s solutions and adds to our revenue base with scaleable volume-based pricing for the issue of ProtectCodes, combined with software subscription revenues,” he said.

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