Griffith University, Queensland.
Source: Griffith University
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  • Zeotech (ZEO) says it has received “promising results” from its nine-month pilot research programme with Griffith University into agricultural uses for synthetic zeolites
  • The study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of ZEO’s synethic zeolites for use in agricultural applications
  • Zeotech says there is considerable potential to develop Zeotech products as solutions for large-scale agricultural challenges
  • The company plans to undertake a further research programme in developing these potential products
  • Zeotech shares are up 3.61 per cent to trade at 8.6 cents

Zeotech (ZEO) has received “promising results” from its nine-month pilot research programme with Griffith University into agricultural uses for synthetic zeolites.

The study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Zeotech’s synthetic
zeolites for use in agricultural applications, including intercepting and retaining nutrients and improving crop and pasture growth.

Zeolites act as ‘molecular sieves’, however Zeotech creates its own synthetic forms which it affirms works in the same way as its natural counterparts.

Zeotech said the pilot trial has revealed there is “considerable potential” to develop Zeotech products that could offer solutions for large-scale agricultural challenges.

Specifically, the company said the results give confidence for the use of synthetic zeolites to develop an economically viable fertiliser delivery platform.

The benefits of this including the potential to remove carbon dioxide from the process, as well as using synthetic zeolites as an agricultural pollutant treatment.

Zeotech said the outcomes of the trial were very promising and intends to use them to support a more comprehensive research programme in developing Zeotech products for the agricultural industry.

Zeotech shares were up 3.61 per cent at 1:46 pm AEST to trade at 8.6 cents.

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