Jupiter Mines (ASX:JMS) - CEO & Executive Director, Priyank Thapliyal - The Market Herald

" Jupiter Mines’ (ASX:JMS) operations in South Africa on hold during lockdown

Jupiter Mines’ (JMS) operations in South Africa are now on hold after the country went into lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19....
Global Health (ASX:GLH) - CEO, Mathew Cherian - The Market Herald

" Global Health (ASX:GLH) offers telehealth platform for free during COVID-19

Global Health (GLH) will offer its telehealth platform to the healthcare industry for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Imagion (ASX:IBX)-Non Executive Director, Bronwyn Le Grice - The Market Herald

" Imagion Biosystems (ASX:IBX) director resigns, to raise over $2M

Imagion Biosystems (IBX) will bid farewell to Non-Executive Director Bronwyn Le Grice after nearly two years in the position.
Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) - Managing Director & CEO, Shaun Verner - The Market Herald

" Syrah Resources’ (ASX:SYR) U.S. battery anode material facility comes to a halt

Syrah Resources’ (SYR) Battery Anode Material project in Vidalia has been temporarily closed due to a stay-at-home order in Louisiana.
AVZ Minerals (ASX:AVZ) receives positive results from Manono

" Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX:NEU) pumps the brakes on U.S. studies

Neuren Pharmaceuticals (NEU) and its U.S. partner ACADIA Pharmaceuticals have paused recruitment for their Lavender trial.
Buru Energy (ASX:BRU) to halt operations at one of the Ungani wells

" Buru Energy (ASX:BRU) to halt operations at one of the Ungani wells

Australian oil and gas explorer Buru Energy (BRU) has halted coil tubing operations at a well within the Ungani oilfield.
Cobre (ASX:CBE) - Founder, Martin Holland - The Market Herald

" Exploration at Cobre’s (ASX:CBE) Perrinvale Project uninterrupted by COVID-19 pandemic

Minerals explorer Cobre (CBE) has clarified that exploration work at the Perrinvale Project is uninterrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Family Zone (ASX:FZO) - Managing Director, Tim Levy - The Market Herald

" Family Zone (ASX:FZO) offers tools and support to schools forced to close

As schools prepare for closures amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Family Zone (FZO) has offered free remote learning tools and support.
Orbital (ASX:OEC) - Managing Director & CEO, Todd Alder - The Market Herald

" Orbital Corporation (ASX:OEC) signs initial contract and MoU with Singaporean defence company

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) parts manufacturer Orbital Corporation (OEC) has inked a deal with a new international customer.
Silver City (ASX:SCI) completes placement for tenement acquisition from Syndicate Minerals

" Silver City (ASX:SCI) completes placement for tenement acquisition from Syndicate Minerals

Base and precious metals explorer Silver City Minerals (SCI) has completed a placement as part of its tenement acquisition from Syndicate Minerals.