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  • Fintech wealth manager BIR Financial is pledging a “first-of-its kind” investment platform for Australasia
  • Named “MNotes”, users will be able to trade investments on partial property ownership through a 24-hour a day web-based service
  • According to BIR Chair Tal Silberman, users can hope to see fixed income returns at anywhere between 5.25 per cent to 9.25 per cent per annum
  • Tal is also leading the project and helped the team achieve an early November launch
  • Shares in BIR Financial are unchanged today, continuing to trade for an even 10 cents each

Fintech wealth manager BIR Financial is launching a first-of-its kind in Australiasian investment platform.

The company announced this week it will roll out “MNotes” — a 24-hour a day investment platform focused on partial ownership in property bonds.

“We know that we have exceeded what we wanted to achieve when we saw the reaction from our test audience,” BIR Chair Tal Silberman said.

Tal is acting as the leader of the MNotes Project Team. The website has launched since the start of this month.

“MNotes is the foundation for what we have set for the use of powers of artificial intelligence in dynamic learning and predictive analytics to improve investment returns and mitigate and manage risks,” he said.

The login page for MNotes
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The web-based platform will supposedly provide fixed income to users at anywhere between 5.25 per cent to 9.25 per cent per annum.

“We have added some of the most sophisticated technologies through working with leading global companies and have delivered what we feel will be at the centre of what investors are looking for,” he said.

BIR Financial pledged in a media release this week that MNotes will offer real time tracking of transactions, backed by secure digital authentication for users.

BIR claimed MNotes will use “smart contracts” which are typically blockchain powered electronic binding agreements. The same blockchain technology will also validate “stamped” digital records.

Users will also oblige to supply digital signatures for each transaction.

Share prices in BIR on the Australian market haven’t moved since August. For today, they remain stagnant at 10 cents each.

BIR by the numbers
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