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  • New technology for brain scanning in epilepsy treatment and pre-surgical brain mapping
  • Installed at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona, USA
  • Developed in joint-research with Korean research institute

Compumedics has announced today the first-ever installation of its Orion LifeSpan product at a neurological research clinic.

The brain-imaging machine was installed at the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

This new kind of technology has been developed at both the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science and within the Compumedics Neuroscan development labs.

Orion LifeSpan boasts new technological capabilities of a new kind of analysis and brain scanning visualisation software, along with highly sensitive magnetic field detectors and low-noise amplifiers.

The technology also operates at a reduced cost and features a unique ‘dual-helmet’ sensing system, with one side optimised for adults and the other for child patients.

Compumedics CEO David Burton says the installation marks an early stage for the company in entering the global market.

“Ultimately this new generation brain function scanner is uniquely positioned to transform brain-health and improve people’s lives, worldwide.

“We look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration with their distinguished professionals and further advancements in the field of magnetoencephalography,” he said.

The company is also in the process of submitting application approval for FDA clearance. Success of the application will allow for broad clinical use of the new device.

Compumedics aims to use the device for epilepsy imaging and pre-surgical brain mapping. Exclusive paediatric capabilities will be implemented at BNI with LifeSpan in the near future during the second and final installation phase.

BNI is also the world’s largest neurological disease treatment and research institution. The centre has been ranked as best in the world numerous times.

Compumedic’s place in the ASX today fluctuated after the announcement. Shares jumped two-and-a-half cents but ultimately fell back to trading at 54 cents-a-piece.

The company has been facing a steady increase in market performance over the last month as seen below.

Please see the ASX announcement for further details

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