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  • Elsight will begin an initial Halo proof-of-concept trial with drone developer Gadfin
  • Halo allows the most advanced bonding technology to be integrated within any platform that moves
  • Halo offers higher bandwidth, security and reliability than previous models

ASX-listed company Elsight will begin an initial Halo proof-of-concept (POC) trial with drone technology developer Gadfin.

Gadfin designs and develops a long-range aerial delivery network provider system for the logistics market.

It provides end-to-end solutions for hub-to-hub delivery by creating autonomous “railways in the sky” based on the development of the next generation of delivery drones.

Simply put, Gadfin’s products are unmanned and electric cargo delivery systems that can fly long distances in harsh weather conditions any time of the day — delivery drones.

Elsight is joining the ranks of some major industry players around the world in this new partnership with Gadfin.

“We have chosen to integrate Elsight’s Halo cellular communication system into our Gadfin Spirit One, Gadfin Spirit X, and other Aerial Cargo Systems,” Gadfin CEO Eyal Regev said.

“We are testing the Halo system in real life operations as part of our strategy that strives to integrate breakthrough technologies that will allow us to be a game changer in terms of safety, reliability, and compatibility with flight regulations,” he continued.

This proof-of-concept trial will use three Halo units to evaluate and integrate with Gadfin’s solution, with the aim of demonstrating the technology to new customers.

The trial is important for Elsight as it has the potential to showcase a key differentiator of the Halo platform for the entire drone industry. It will particularly focus on drone operations beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS).

BVLOS refers to when the drone is operating beyond the direct sight of the operator and many regard it as the tipping point towards making drone deliveries commercially viable.

While many companies have expressed their interest in delivery by drone, issues such as low battery, security, weight, and availability are current hurdles for the drone industry.

These are the issues that Halo was designed to address, and once they have been, drone delivery operations could become a reality.

Halo features between two-to-four embedded cellular modules, wifi, and Bluetooth, which allows the most advanced bonding technology to be integrated within any platform that moves.

Its features include a high bandwidth, high level security, high reliability and redundancy, high adaptability, a compact design, and a reduced cost.

It’s ideal for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) as it is much smaller and significantly lighter than any other solution in the industry.

Halo can seamlessly integrate into any fleet or autonomous vehicles, handheld devices or any platform or device that moves.

“We are looking forward to working with Gadfin and are excited for the opportunity to showcase the unique capabilities of Halo,” Elsight CEO Nir Gabay said.

“This is a very strategic trial as we intend to show the world a practical solution to solve the issues presented by ‘beyond the visual line of sight’ drone operations,” he said.

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