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  • EMVision Medical Devices has completed the manufacturing and assembly of its first portable brain scanner
  • The scanner uses electromagnetic waves, similar to those used in mobile phones, to enable doctors to make a quick and accurate diagnosis
  • A further two units will be completed and undergo verification in the next four weeks
  • EMVision’s share price is steady with shares trading for 85 cents apiece

EMVision Medical Devices has announced the manufacturing of its first portable brain scanner is complete.

“We are thrilled to complete our first clinical unit build and to deliver it to the PA (Princess Alexandra) hospital shortly,” CEO Dr Ron Weinberger said.

“The EMVision device represents a breakthrough opportunity for imaging the brain, at the point of care, in a manner otherwise not possible today,” he added.

The brain scanner technology, which has been close to 10 years in development, is the size of an ultrasound unit and is easy to use.

It comprises of a lightweight headset and contains an array of antennas which transmit safe, electro-magnetic, low-power signals into the brain.

It has the potential to enable clinicians to make quick and critical decisions when time is limited, shortens time-to-treatment, classifies stroke types, and improves patient outcomes.

The scanner uses the same types of electromagnetic waves that are used by mobile phones to transmit voice and data.

The software then logs the information and reconstructs and displays a 3D image of the patient’s brain on a laptop or tablet screen.

It will enable healthcare professionals to safely monitor stroke patients from their bedside, detect complications and secondary bleeding, and track the patient’s response to treatments.

A smaller handheld version of the software is expected to provide quick stroke decision support and prioritise in ambulances and allows patients to be identified and transported directly to specialist hospitals for earlier intervention and more effective treatment.

The device is now undergoing internal calibration, verification and electromagnetic compatibility testing in preparation for delivery to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital in November.

Clinicians and nursing staff will also begin training in the device’s operation and safety before a trial can begin.

A further two units will be completed and undergo internal calibration and verification in the next four weeks.

This will ensure that the in-hospital trial is well supported and ongoing commercial device development can continue corresponding with the trial.

The scanner has global applicability, with the potential to generate significant revenue whilst also tracking a major health burden.

EMVision’s pilot-clinical trial remains on track to commence in Q4 CY19 at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

The company’s share price is steady with shares trading for 85 cents apiece in a $48.94 million market cap.

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