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  • Multi-platform digital marketer Engage:BDR has announced 13 new clients to its portfolio total of 191, three shy of management’s target
  • Engage:BDR daily revenue has reached $48,000 and the company is aiming for $65,000 a day by the end of the quarter
  • The company has recently signed lucrative deals with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, medical marijuana brands and pop star Sean Kingston

Digital marketing powerhouse Engage:BDR has announced today 13 new client contracts to its growing advertising portfolio.

Newly added clients to the extensive portfolio today include Admixer, Advenue, AMLI Media, Axonix , Clean Media , Criteo, Inmobi, LoopMe and more.

The total client size for the company is now topped up at a whopping 191, which is three away from management’s set milestone.

The company operates an integrated AI learning digital platform to maximise advertising cross-platforms, notably for social media apps and websites.

Engage announced impressive mid-month revenue, reporting for $48,000 per day. The company is expecting daily revenue at $65,000 by the end of this quarter.

Topping headlines consistently, the company has recently signed advertising deals for giants Facebook, TikTok and Instagram and even cracked the young hemp oil and medical marijuana market, netting multiple clients.

The company even signed an advertising deal with ‘Beautiful Girls’ pop singer Sean Kingston earlier this year for a social media marketing campaign.

Last year in July, Engage purchased advertising competitors AdCel. Engage announced today AdCel’s daily revenue has increased by a massive 230 per cent compared to April this year.

Engage management is currently evaluating term sheets for debt facilities to allow the company to pay publishers immediately upon receipt of their invoices. Management believes this will improve publisher cashflow.

Despite the ongoing positive news, the company’s place in the market today dropped a marginal 2.94 per cent. Shares are currently trading for 3.3 cents in a $17.391 million market cap.

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