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  • HearMED has secured a €30,000 initial order with Duttenhofer Group to distribute its foetal heart rate monitor, HeraBEAT, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Germany has reached its highest level of births in four decades with 790,000 births per year
  • HeraBEAT allows parents to listen to their foetus’ heartbeat and seek medical attention if needed
  • Sales are expected to progress in the near term

HeraMED has secured a €30,000 initial order with a major electronics distributor, Duttenhofer Group, to distribute its smart foetal heart rate monitor HeraBEAT in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Duttenhofer Group is a leading European distributor of wellbeing, electronics and digital imaging products. There are more than 300 staff and it has an annual revenue of €250 million.

Duttenhofer represents some of the world’s largest brands throughout Germany such as Braun, Sony, Samsung, Siemens and Zeiss.

It recently added ‘Ava women’ to its portfolio, an ovulation tracking bracelet which is part of its push towards healthcare and wellness products.

As part of the agreement, Duttenhofer will provide social media and use its marketing expertise to drive brand awareness in the region.

“We are very happy to add the HeraBEAT smart foetal monitor to our product portfolio,” Business unit manager of Duttenhofer, Peter Wohlfart said.

“The upcoming home health monitoring and Femtech categories are focus points for us and we are now able to offer the HeraBEAT next to the Qardio ECG and Blood Pressure products to our existing customer base.”

The agreement will also progress HeraMED’s European expansion and establishes the company in the rapidly growing market.

In 2019, the birth rate in Germany reached its highest level in four decades with 790,000 births per year.

In April of this year, HeraBEAT was launched in the UK.

HeraBEAT is a medically accurate, scientifically optimised, smartphone-based heartbeat monitor for home use.

By using sophisticated technology and professional accuracy it allows expectant mothers to monitor their foetus’ heartbeat anytime, anywhere.

The data can then be stored and shared to medical professionals with enables parents to rest easy while their foetus is receiving medical attention.

HeraBEAT CEO David Goberman is pleased to be partnering with a company of Duttenhofer’s calibre.

“A parter such as Duttenhofer provides considerable validation of HeraBEAT’s potential across Germany, Austria and Switzerland,” he said.

“Duttenhofer represent some of the world’s leading brands and we are excited to have HeraBEAT positioned alongside them.”

Both companies expect sales to progress in the near term.

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