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  • Holista CollTech subsidiary HolistaFoods, has shipped its first 20-foot container of low-GI noodles to China
  • The distribution deal that was signed in February 2018 will last for 12-months and will see 58 containers shipped in 2019 – to increase by 40 containers per month in 2020
  • HolistaFood’s low-GI noodles have a recorded GI average of 38 which is well below the global average of 65

Biotech company Holista CollTech has shipped the first 20-foot container delivery of low glycaemic (low-GI) index noodles through subsidiary HolistaFoods.

The shipment heading to China is part of a $6 million contract.

The bulk international order was inked with exclusive distributor Express Trading of Canada and is active for a 12-month period, beginning this month.

Holista expects to ship around 58 containers, valued at $2.1 million, from Canada to China through to December 2019. However, during 2020 this will rise significantly to an average of 40 containers per month.

This contract between HolistaFood and Express makes it the world’s largest entry into the Chinese noodle market.

While both companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in February 2018, confirmed orders and shipments were delayed due to various regulatory requirements to China, such as label adjustments to meet Chinese government requirements.

Developed and patented by HolistaFoods the low-GI noodles recored a GI reading of 38, which is well below the global average of 65, from independent tests conducted by Glycemic Index Laboratories in Toronto, Canada.

The GI reading indicates the rate in which foods containing carbohydrates raise human blood sugar levels, with a lower score indicating healthier food.

Holista’s noodles comprises of extracts of okra, lentils, barley and vegetable fibre that are clean and natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. There seems to be no discernible change in the taste or texture compared to the traditional ones.

The noodles have been endorsed by Australia’s Glycemic Index Foundation and follow the guidelines and recommendations of Diabetes Canada.

China has the world’s largest number of diabetics, with one in ten adults estimated to have it, and according to the epidemic is increasing.

It has been noted that the main staple of noodles in the Chinese diet has been increasingly linked to the development of diabetes.

“This confirmed order from Express marks a major milestone as it is the first bulk contract to an international market,” Holista CollTech CEO Dr Rajen Manicka said.

“We are excited by the breakthrough into a major market such as China which have increasing diabetic and ageing populations.”

According to HolistaFoods CEO Nadja Piatka the focus is now moving to deliver the noodles to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

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