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  • India has banned popular social media app Tik Tok, and dozens of other apps linked to China, amid security concerns
  • However, the announcement is likely linked to a recent deadly border clash between the two regions, in a disputed area of the Himalayas
  • But Indian officials maintain the 59 banned apps represent a threat to the country’s sovereignty and security
  • Other apps included in the ban are Weibo, WeChat, Shein and Clash of Kings

India has banned popular social media app Tik Tok, and other Chinese-linked apps, in a strong move against Beijing.

The official reason given by Indian officials is that the apps represent a threat to the country’s security.

In a statement, India’s technology ministry said the apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.”

Border dispute

However, it’s believed a deadly border dispute is what prompted the ban.

20 Indian nationals died after a skirmish broke out between the two regions in a disputed area in the Himalayas this month.

Both countries claim the other intruded on the disputed land.

The attack, and subsequent deaths, prompted widespread backlash against the Chinese in India.

TikTok, WeChat banned

India’s ban on TikTok is likely to have a significant effect on the app’s bottom line, with India accounting for one-third of all recent downloads of the social media app, more than 600 million in total.

Other apps included in the ban are WeChat, a popular messaging service, Weibo, an app similar to Facebook, and videogame Clash of Kings.

The ban even applies to popular Chinese-based online shop, Shein.

Google and Apple will now have to remove the apps from their respective sites.

Alongside the download ban, there are reports Indian customs officer have banned Chinese technology products from being imported into the country.

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