Janison Education Group (ASX:JAN) passes the test to provide University of London’s online exams
  • Janison Education Group (JAN) has been selected to deliver online exams for the University of London (UoL), netting the company $650,000 over the next two years
  • 37,000 tests will be digitised for distance and flexible learning students, with Janison's edtech solution allowing the university to finish its critical assessments amid global travel bans caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The deal is another chapter in a fruitful period for the company, who announced last month it'll deliver 50,000 tests to a Czech Republic assessment firm as well as a $7 million capital raise
  • Janison has finished the week strongly, up 8.3 per cent and selling shares for 32.5 cents each

Janison Education Group (JAN) has announced it will deliver online exams for the University of London (UoL), in a deal worth $650,000 over the next two years.

The tests are for 37,000 distance and flexible learning students, who can't get to UoL to finish critical assessments due to travel bans implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

University of London Director of Operations and Deputy Chief Executive, Craig O'Callaghan, said both parties were racing the clock to have the deal finalised in time for students to complete the exams before the semester was out.

"This has been an incredibly fast moving project to ensure that all our students studying through distance and flexible learning across the world are provided with continuity and certainty for their examinations," he said.

"The reputation of the University of London is based on the rigour of its examinations and we are confident that our online timed examinations will stand up to the rigour.”

Students will sit the exams from the safety of their homes, with the session recorded via webcam and then uploaded so it can be reviewed for integrity, in other words, to check if anyone was cheating.

“Education continuity is the foundation of the education sector’s business model. By allowing students to continue their assessments on schedule, this project directly addresses and overcomes the stand still that the higher education sector has suffered as a result of world-wide COVID-19 lockdowns.”

Janison's Chief Executive Officer, David Caspari.

It's been a fruitful period for Janison, las month it announced it would deliver 50,000 university exams remotely to students for the Czech Republic assessment firm SCIO for the rest of the year.

In addition, the company also completed a $7 million capital raise, which Janison said, reflected the appetite for its products to help solve a problem which has affected many institutions around the world.

Investors agree, with Janison ending the week strongly, up 8.3 per cent and selling shares for 32.5 cents each


JAN by the numbers
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