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  • Leaching activities undertaken by Hazer Research has demonstrated high lithium recoveries of more than 95 per cent
  • Jindalee’s next goal is to demonstrate that high levels of lithium extraction are possible using industry standard, cost-effective techniques

Jindalee Resources has provided updates regarding ongoing metallurgical test work at its McDermitt Project.

The McDermitt Project is located approximately 25 kilometres west of McDermitt which is on the Nevada-Oregon border. The total project area spans four kilometres by five kilometres and hosts lithium-bearing clay stones.

Assay results of up to 3020ppm lithium have been returned from composite channel samples, auger and shallow core drilling. Most importantly some of the highest grades were returned from samples over 50 metres thick.

This suggests that the lithium is not confined to specific horizons but found within broad intervals of clay.

Jindalee has an ongoing program of metallurgical test work being undertaken by Hazer Research. So far this work has demonstrated high lithium recoveries greater than 95 per cent. This process was undertaken using a conventional sulphuric acid leach.

These tests tested two new aspects: the potential in reducing acid consumption by recycling the leachate, and the potential for mineral processing of the mine ore.

The recycled leachate experiments involved taking the leachate from an individual leaching experiment, adding extra acid and then leaching (draining) a fresh batch of ore.

Acid consumption in the second experiment was 450 kilograms sulphuric acid per tonne compared to previous recoveries of >95 per cent of 530 kilograms per tonne of ore.

This represents a saving of 15 per cent on average acid consumption, or a saving of 11 per cent on its previously best result of 506 kilograms of acid per tonne.

This result is significant given than recent studies in the US have identified sulphuric acid is a major cost component and that high lithium extraction, with lower results, results in a reduction of both capital and operating costs.

Jindalee’s next goal is to demonstrate that high levels of lithium extraction are possible using standard cost-effective techniques. Improvements to acid consumption levels and the potential for mineral processing may also improve any future economics.

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