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  • Seven new online sales channels have been added to Nanoveu’s list of customers
  • This will allow the business to stock and supply the EyeFly3D technology
  • The technology is a screen protector that uses nanotechnology to instantly convert 2D videos and photos into 3D
  • It is only available for iPhones at the moment but Nanoveu is working towards the implementation for Androids

Nanoveu Limited has provided updates on its sales and marketing strategies to strengthen the presence of its 3D smartphone screen technology.

It is pursuing a multi-channel sales and marketing strategy to establish its products in retail markets both locally and internationally.

Smartphone users, primarily with iPhones, are the primary target for Nanoveu’s EyeFly3D products which was introduced to iPhones in the first half of 2019.

Nanoveu is now ramping up sales and distribution in markets where the iPhone is the dominating phone. These markets include Australasia, Europe, North America and some parts of Asia.

Nanoveu is expanding its reach in target markets via seven additional online sales channels to further strengthen the sales potential of its flagship product EyeFly3D.

EyeFly3D is a low-cost and glasses-free screen protector that uses modern nanotechnology to instantly convert 2D videos and photos on smartphones into 3D.

The screen protector is embossed in microscopic lenses which are less than one-thousandth of a millimetre in size. The nano lenses send slightly different images to either eye which give the feeling the image is jumping out.

Four of the new online sales channels; Amazon, eCrater, eBid and Bonanza are already up and running. Three other platforms; eBay, Walmart and Brisksale are in development and will use Nanoveu’s technology once the operating platform has been completed.

While this focus is for iPhones, Nanoveu is progressing in the development of the EyeFly3D technology for Android smartphones. This will enable Nanoveu to expand into markets where Androids dominate and also open new opportunities to penetrate into the mobile gaming market.

However, since Androids have a large number of screen variants they are the secondary focus for now while the technology gets up and running on iPhones.

Nanoveu’s share price hasn’t changed since Friday and is sitting at 5.50 cents with a market cap of $7.289 million.

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