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Managing Director & CEO, Adam Brimo
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  • Education software company OpenLearning (OLL) has signed a reseller agreement with High Resolves to deliver learning experiences to students amid school closures
  • High Resolves delivers learning experiences such as social inclusion and identity to hundreds of schools across the world
  • Every school will receive an OpenLearning platform where they can create specifically tailored courses for students
  • High Resolves will pay OpenLearning an annual fee ranging from $50,000 to $90,000
  • While the platform comes at no additional cost to High Resolves this year, for every school wanting to expand to 2021, High Resolves will need to pay $3000 to OpenLearning
  • OpenLearning's shares jumped over 17 per cent this morning but have dropped slightly to 4.35 per cent in the green
  • Shares are now trading for 24 cents each

OpenLearning (OLL) has signed a reseller agreement with High Resolves to deliver learning experiences during the current school closures.

This agreement is the company's first significant expansion into the K12 (kindergarten to year 12) sector.

OpenLearning is an online SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that focuses on community, learner engagement and connectivity.

The online platform enables users to comment on and like workflows, similar to social media posts, to provide collaborative learning.

"As schools, colleges and universities are disrupted worldwide due to COVID-19, moving education online is a logical step, however, we must not compromise quality in the process," OpenLearning CEO and Managing Director Adam Brimo commented.

"This partnership demonstrates that it is possible to transform a face-to-face experience into a highly engaging and effective online experience, quickly and cost effectively, setting the benchmark for online education and providing a model for OpenLearning's expansion into the K12 sector," he added.

High Resolves designs and delivers learning experiences around important and topical themes such as social inclusion, identity and social justice.

The company has already engaged over 350,000 students in schools across Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S.

Due to many schools shutting down and offering classes online due to the coronavirus, High Resolves will integrate many of its learning experiences online to be distributed via OpenLearning.

Once launched, which is expected within six weeks, the courses will be managed by OpenLearning and tailored to the requirements of each school.

"About six weeks ago, we recognised the possibility of school closures due to COVID-19, and so we began a strategic sprint to find a different way to support our tireless and dedicated school leader who would be searching for creative ways to continue to engage their students," High Resolves Co-Founder and CEO Mehrdad Baghai said.

"We are very pleased to have entered into this partnership agreement with OpenLearning and we are all looking forward to delivering our online learning experiences through this innovative platform next month," he added.

Under the agreement, OpenLearning will receive an annual SaaS fee ranging from $50,000 to $90,000 from High Resolves. However, this fee is dependent on how many schools use the software.

While the platform comes at no additional cost for this year, for those schools wanting to expand to 2021 and beyond, High Resolves must pay a $3000 SaaS fee per school to OpenLearning

In addition to providing the software, OpenLearning will also give High Resolves 10 days of training and support to provide the best experience.

OpenLearning shares jumped over 17 per cent this morning but have dropped slightly to 4.35 per cent in the green. Shares are trading for 24 cents each at 12:33 pm AEDT.


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