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  • Oventus Medical has announced material agreements with VirtuOx, Carestream Dental and Lyon Dental for its new ‘lab in lab’ business model
  • The combination of the agreements gives Oventus the ability to support the patients treatment from start to end.

Oventus Medical has announced a deal with VirtuOx, Carestream Dental and Lyon Dental for its new ‘lab in lab’ business model.

This Brisbane-based company is commercialising a unique treatment platform for sleep apnoea and snoring.

The company has introduced a new business model called ‘lab in lab’ where it utilises its unique treatment modality and digital workflow to act as a conduit between sleep physicians and dentists.

Dentist and sleep medicine treatment providers have operated separately due to their different jobs. When it comes to sleep apnoea they have to work together due to sleep physicians must provide a prescribed oral appliance and a dentist scans and fits the device.

The new ‘lab in lab’ business model ensure both groups participate effectively in this process.

The new model has recently announced it will place digital scanning technology into sleep facilities. The demand for this model within the sleep channel is large and growing quickly with a number of agreements expected to be finalised in the coming months

Under the agreement Carestream Dental who is a large supplier of digital scanning technology, will supply high quality and well- priced scanning technology for sleep facilities.

Carestream will also open their installed customer base of over 15,000 sites in North America for patients suffering from apnoea.

VirtuOx is USA’s largest and premier provider of home diagnostics and monitoring services, focused on cardiac respiratory and obstructive sleep apnoea.

The agreement for VirtuOx includes for it to enable sleep networks or dental physicians to treat patients.

An example is if a sleep test is recommended, a home test will be sent to the patient and DocViaWeb (VirtuOx sister company) physicians will forward all the results to the referring physicians so they can treat the patient.

Lyon Dental is a leading innovator and provider of cloud-based Practice Management tools for dental sleep medicine.

Lyon Dental provides scheduling and billing solutions and support, increasing efficiencies while streamlining insurance and billing solutions with a focus on dental sleep medicine.

Under the ‘lab in lab’ model, dental groups and sleep networks will receive systems and support from VirtuOx, Carestream Dental and Lyon Dental to deliver the best treatment outcomes for patients.

Oventus Medical has gained 21 per cent today and is currently at 37.5¢.

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